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Appointment Types and Pricing

The items listed below represent our most common appointments. Your appointment may vary depending on your goals and treatment plan. Laboratory testing varies for each test. If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form or email address shown on the home page.



60-90 minutes

Your first appointment as a new patient. In this visit, we will review your health history and goals. We will also work together to develop a plan to help maintain or improve your health moving forward. After your appointment, Bios will continue to review your history and develop custom treatment plans tailored to your specific goals. This is a Telemedicine visit. The initial intake is the first stop for all patients, including those interested in being established for care.




90 -120 minutes

This option is available for couples interested in fertility services. You are welcome to schedule separate initial intakes, but the health of both parents is important in this journey. For a little encouragement, we offer this option to save a little time and money. This appointment includes a full medical intake for both parents. This is a Telemedicine visit.


Patient on Scale


45-60 minutes

For established patients, follow-up visits are your standard appointment type. These visits cover a large range of purposes based on your treatment plan and/or goals. In addition to the in-person appointment, additional time will be spent studying your treatment plan and information to ensure that you are on track to meet/maintain your goals. This is a Telemedicine visit.


AdobeStock_73684048 (1).jpeg


15-30 minutes

For established patients, this visit is available for those experiencing symptoms of cold, flu, sinus infection, ear infection, abdominal pain, stomach flu, UTI, etc. If you wish to review other issues which would not be considered "acute," you will be requested to switch to a "follow-up" visit. This is a Telemedicine visit.


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