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Baby Prep

When couples visit Bios Comprehensive Medicine for a fertility visit, the focus is not just about getting pregnant. The real goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. We call this “Baby Prep” or preconception care.

This is much more than just prescribing a prenatal vitamin!

We consider the patient's history of heath and then order any lab tests that might seem necessary. Things like hormone levels, thyroid levels, nutrient levels, markers for inflammation, and anything else that might apply to your specific circumstance. This gives us valuable insight about your body and your health prior to embarking on the pregnancy journey.

It should go without saying that Baby Prep is not just for women. After all, sperm is responsible for half of your baby’s DNA. That is why we often see both partners for preconception care. Baby Prep on both partners will offer the best chance of success.

If you or your partner are considering getting pregnant, consider seeing a fertility specialist about Baby Prep. If you chose Bios Comprehensive Medicine, we will do our part to help give you the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

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