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Support for Anxiety and Depression During a Pandemic

In the United States alone, more than 40 million adults suffer from anxiety and 16.2 million with depression. As you might imagine, the pandemic is not improving either of those numbers.

Recently I have been receiving an increasing number of questions about effective alternatives to antidepressants or accompanying treatments. Bios Comprehensive Medicine has a variety of treatments that can help. Acupuncture is one of them.

Acupuncture involves the placement of tiny, almost invisible needles, to trigger a calming response. How does it work? Studies have shown that acupuncture helps regulate serotonin and other “happy neurotransmitter” chemicals in the brain. It also releases our natural pain relief hormones called endorphins. Each treatment is personalized for you to achieve the desired results. Sessions last between 45 and 60 minutes, giving you a chance to relax and unwind.


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